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age? 17

sex? rude boy (like that one?)

type of ska applying for? um... what? all of it? except skacore.

favorite bands? i hate doing this. um... no sports, specials, robustos, slackers, toasters, selecter, skatalites, melodians, roland alphonso, jimmy cliff, toots and the maytals, symarip, undercover s.k.a. ... on and on and on...

tell me why you think you can roll with the "ska kids" or "rudies" what have you? because i am one bitch! hahahaha. uh if you were looking for a serious answer here... don't look for one. but yeah i would say that i am one and know shit and could talk and dance and hang out all day with a ska crowd. too bad there is none on athens.


this is me being goofy. don't know if you can tell but that image on my shirt on the pocket is a picture of clement dodd and it says "Clement Dodd ... R.I.P. 'Sir Coxsone'"

this is my impression of Walt Jabsco:

Optionional questions:[These don't have to be answered]

History of Ska:
this is going behind the cut
in the 50s, soul, r&b, jazz, boogie and all that was the dominant sound on the radio wave sin the south in the US. these am radio waves were broadcast from cities like miami and new orleans. now, in jamaica where poverty and crime was (and still is) extremely high, one of the only salvatinos from this brutal life was going to the dancehalls at night and dancing to this sound. a man named Clement Dodd owned and operated sound systems that would play records of american r&b, jazz, blues, and soul songs in the dancehalls. around the late 50s he put together a band and a studio to mimic these sounds. the band: clue j and the blues buster. the studio: Studio One. the bassist, cluet johnson often greeted his friends with a call of "Skavoovee" or "Love Skavoovee!" by the time that jamaica gained it's independence (1962), the sound had fused the american r&b, jazz, and blues sound with the mento, calypso, and african rhythms that jamaican people were already accustomed to. this caused a huge sensation and the birth of the first true jamaican music. ska. the origin of the word "ska" is not known, but some say it is shortened from cluet johnsons greetings of "Skavoovee". but most likely the name cema from the unique sound of the rhythm guitar played in the music: "ska, ska, ska, ska...".

due to poverty, many lowerclass and unemployed jamaicans, because of the astounding shortage of jobs, had to turn to a life of crime to survive. this inlued robbery, shoplifting, prostitution, pimping, and killings. these criminals were usually from the age of 14 to mid 20s and dressed in tonic suits to mock the upperclass. society looked down on these rebellious youths and placed a label on them wich is now the famous term "rude boys". many other jamaicans, however, instead lving lives of crime, immigrated to britan, bringing the jamaican culture and music along with them.

as the 60s went by, music evolved (as it does) and ska slowed down and was made more danceable and more lyrics were heard in the songs. this was called rocksteady. it was dring the time of rocksteady that rude boys made their peak. many rocksteady songs have lyrics that reflect the life and times of the rude boy. rocksteady later evolved into reggae and, with rastafarians, skinheads, and rudies, it became even more social and political centered.

in britan, rocksteady, ska, and reggae was huge among the poorer spots, since these spots were usually home to jamaican immigrants. being in britan there was a lot of tension between poor blacks and poor whites and the rich whites, government and police. this tension cause many race riots and race disputes. in the late 70s, seeing a way to solve this, out of the poor areas of england came many ska bands holding the belief of racial equallity emerged. only a few to name: the specials, the beat, the selecter, and madness. this ska revival woudl be known as "2tone, Second Wave, British Ska" or whatever. this british ska explosion died out right about the time it made it to the US in the mid 80s. bands like let's go bowling, the toasters, and gangster fun carried on the ska sound. in america ska saw a nother split. ska and punk made an even bigger fuse than in the late 70s and spawned skapunk. some bands of this were operation ivy or skoidats. i hate mentioning skacore, but i guess it is needed. pop punk sounds sort of fused with the ska guitar and horns and creatd skacore. some bands: less than jake, mustard plug, big d and the kids table.

Best show you've been to? The Toasters. they finished their set, and me and my buddy stared chanting "TWO TONE ARMY! TWO TONE ARMY! ..." and got the whole crowd doing it. well the toasters came on for an ecnore opening it up with "two tone army". everyone got on the stage and skanked. along with my buddy and i. it took all my strength to finish the song. it was fucking awesome.

List three bands that would make the show of your dreams: JUST 3? what the HELL is wrong with you people? well if i HAD to pick just 3... hmm...
-pietasters (sorry toasters. i know you were there first, but i've seen you already)

Why do you think Ska is dead? it isn't dead. but it is looking grim. thanks to shitty ass skacore bands who don't stick to their roots and still call themselves ska bands. i thank the slackers and pietasters and toasters for keepin' it real though. keepin it alive. keep it up.
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oh my god, you are a complete and utter idiot!!!!

have you seen yourself in those pics or in the mirror even?

oh my god. for once i am speechless...

pssst, it's called s-u-i-c-i-d-e.