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The not so rude, how rude are you.
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Hey guys I'm you'r mod Eric.

I and other members will be judging how "ska" you are.

All types of ska.

If you think your ska in a thirdwave way cool.

prove it.

but I wont be a dick about it. Just fill out the app.

Yes its true this community did spawn out of my dislike for howrudeareyou.

"ok i started a community because i went on the howrudeareyou communtiy and you have to apply and they tell you how rude you are or whatever but they were just a bunch of dicks. so i started my own. to rate how ska you are. and im not a stupid skinhead jerk."




type of ska applying for?

favorite bands?

tell me why you think you can roll with the "ska kids" or "rudies" what have you?
it is manditory to post a picture

Optionional questions:
[These don't have to be answered]

History of Ska:

Best show you've been to?

List three bands that would make the show of your dreams:
Why do you think Ska is dead?

To put these banners up copy and paste the code underneath them but make sure to remove the astricks [**] and put this code aswell: <*lj user=howrudecanyoube*> once again removing the astricks [**]

<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v60/xOopsSadx/layouts/rudeeban.gif"*>

<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v60/xOopsSadx/layouts/joinban.jpg"*>

Layout and Bio table thanks to: xoopssadx