Stevo (ruder_than_rude) wrote in howrudecanyoube,

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I Demand you let me be co-mod.

I have to step in and put my foot down. I should be made co-mod of this community to keep everything in line. The anonymous posts are becoming a bit too much with the voting and rejecting. I'm possitive it's someone from howrudeareyou, and they must be stopped. I'm a fellow community creator myself, and like-minded ska-lovin human-being and it only makes sense to let me be co-mod. You also might like to know that a certain someone will be getting a bunch of free gifts and majisto  over at howrudeareyou  will be getting excessive amounts of junkmail in his email accounts (both of them). Plus I kinda already accepted moonburnsbright . And to quote Operation Ivy "Unity!...Revolution's gonna come."

My whole reasoning behind this was really just because you don't know how to block anonymous posts. And I do. I only want the best for this community.

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